Saturday, March 1, 2008

More random thoughts

Okay. Apparently random thoughts worked well last time. And since I've been away from this for a while and out of the loop of the world a bit, having been in New Orleans, I figure this is the best way to catch you up on all of my personal thoughts and musings. it strangely narcissistic of me to think that you're interested enough in my personal thoughts and musings to actually read this? Haven't quite figured that out yet, so here it is regardless!
  • I'm watching Christina Ricci on Conan right now. I've always kind of despised her. Don't quite know why. It's not like she ever really had a Julia Roberts, "I LOVE MY LIFE!" moment that made me hate her. I've just always sort of thought she was annoying. But watching her on Conan...she actually seems rather charming and cute and well-spoken and dare I say intelligent? I'm kind of shocked. Anyway...I think my opinion of her just changed a little. Weird when you realize that your perception of a certain person is completely based in...well, nothing at all.
  • I'm remembering that a friend of mine used to work with her and said she was the most hideous person ever. So maybe I should scratch that whole thing. I'm just confused now.
  • Speaking of actors and actresses, let's talk Oscars for a second. First of all, I seriously enjoyed Jon Stewart's hosting job this time. I actually thought he did a pretty decent job last time, but this time...he definitely knocked it out of the park. Gaydolf Titler?! Come on. Pure Oscar GOLD! And what a classy move to bring back out Marketa Irglova (okay, I didn't know that...had to go look it up on IMDb) so she could actually make an acceptance speech. Given this and the constant genius of The Daily Show, I'm dubbing Jon Stewart my favorite figure in the entertainment industry. I don't think anyone even comes close at this point.
  • Did anyone else think it was weird that Amy Adams sang that song all by herself when clearly there were supposed to be all kinds of birds and woodland creatures flying and dancing around her? What the hell was that?
  • Now don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled in principal that the Coen Brothers won Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture. They've made 3 films that are in my Top 10 of all time, and they certainly had it coming. My problem is, I honestly don't think that No Country is even one of their 5 best films, and There Will Be Blood is just a better film in all respects. And yes, if Paul Thomas Anderson continues to make films of this magnitude, he should absolutely win an Oscar for Best Director sooner rather than later. But herein lies my inherent problem with the Oscars - they just LOVE to give people awards after they deserve them. Case in point, Judi Dench receiving an Oscar for her 8-minute performance in Shakespeare in Love. Here's a novel idea: GIVE PEOPLE OSCARS WHEN THEY DESERVE THEM. Seems simple enough, right?! Anyway, my rant is done. At least it's not the Grammys.
  • I know it's been out for a long time now, but you know what makes me want to pull my hair out and kill myself?! That Hey There, Delilah song. UGH. Just awful. And what a terrible name for a band too - the Plain White T's? I hate everything about this.
  • On a more positive music note, I am currently listening to LCD Soundsystem. This shit seriously rocks. If you guys haven't seem them live, I recommend catching them as soon as possible. Of course, their next gig scheduled is in Singapore, so it might be a bit difficult. But just keep it in mind. It'll make you wanna dance your ass off.
  • I guess I'm gonna make this one short, but before I go, can I just say...I'm now very scared of this presidential election. I'd prefer Obama to be the nominee, but at this point, I really just wish that a nominee would emerge soon. I thought it was really good for politics and for the health of the country in general to have two democratic candidates who people were amped up about. Now I think they might tear each other apart, and given that McCain is now officially the nominee...I dunno, it all freaks me out. Plus Nader's getting into the race. Hillary keeps reminding people that her husband didn't have his first democratic nomination wrapped up until June and he did just fine. Problem with that is, Ross Perot was there to take a significant amount of votes away from the republicans. This time we've got no Perot and we have Ralph Nader. all just reeks of another goddamn republican administration. Holy hell, I hope I'm wrong.