Saturday, January 12, 2008

Random thoughts, early on Sunday evening

Since I generally tend to write rather long-winded, rambling entries on this here blog, I'm trying something new today - short, succinct thoughts on lots of random things I've encountered lately. So here goes.
  • I'm watching the end of the Seahawks-Packers game right now. They were just showing the stats for the Packers today, and they were playing the "1-2-3-4-5" song from Sesame Street! You know...this one? I don't know if other people get as excited as I do about this stuff, but hey, I used to work for the show, remember?
  • I finally broke down and watched 2 Girls, 1 Cup. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Why is this a thing?! Who made this?! AHHH! Okay, I'm about the least squeamish guy in the world. But this is pretty much over the line in every way. If you haven't seen it, for the love of everything, please don't bother. You'll regret it. I keep getting little flashes of it here and there, and I just wish it would all go away. I'm telling you. Stay away. And if you've seen it...well, I'm just sorry. The internet is so good for so many things!! not one of them.
  • Here's a little something in an effort to redeem the internet a bit. I've been trying to find this Timbaland song for months now. I hear it in the most random places, and I always tell myself I'm going to find out what freakin' song it is, and then, every damn time, I forget. Well, I finally looked it up on iTunes, found it, and downloaded it. Man, I love the internet. Okay, I feel better.
  • (Oh yeah, in case you actually want to know what the song is, so you don't have to go through the same pain I did, it's called "The Way I Are." And it's goddamn amazing. Definitely going on my next party mix.)
  • I had to hire interns at work this week. Which made me aware of the fact that one skill I most definitely do not have is conducting an interview. Wow. Luckily my boss, Jamie, was there to do most of it. But man. Not my strong suit, lemme tell ya. And then rejecting the interns we didn't hire?!? Trying to sound nice and thankful while saying, "No thanks, we didn't think you were good enough to hire," without sounding phony?! Yeah. Not the easiest thing in the world. I'm gonna have to work on all of this if I actually end up running my own production company some day.
  • On the upside: LOST IS COMING BACK! Maybe I shouldn't be this excited about a television show, but I honestly don't care. It's gonna be off the HOOK!
  • On the downside: Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Need I say more?!
  • There was a PC Richards commercial on a minute ago. I wish I could find it on Youtube, but alas, it's not exactly Youtube worthy. Anyway, it's just really bad. I understand it's probably a pretty low-budget commercial, but can someone give me that writing job? Or that directing job?! The performances AND the writing are just terrible! Let me do that stuff from now on! Please?
  • I'm thrilled that The Daily Show is back. We need Jon Stewart on television again, especially in this crazy time of primaries and politics. And don't get me wrong...the guy is completely hilarious. But it's just not the same without the writers. Damn, I hope the strike gets worked out soon. But somehow I think it's gonna go on for a very long time.
  • Speaking of The Daily Show, have you seen these Rob Riggle Budweiser commercials? Again, wish I could find them online, but no luck. Regardless, the commercials are, for all intents and purposes, saying "Budweiser is America's beer, and America is great!" And Rob Riggle, sarcastic correspondent for The Daily Show, is the spokesman. Just strange all around.
  • There was such a frenzy over the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, and now we don't have anything until the 19th! Honestly, I miss it. It's all really exciting. I guess I'm a dork for politics, but I just can't help it. I have to say, it's all a little more exciting this year, just because it's guaranteed that no matter what, George Bush will be out of office. Unless Dick Cheney somehow passes legislation that does away with the two-term limit. I mean, at this point, would you put it past him?
Okay, I'm done I guess. I enjoy these little random thoughts. I feel like lists are just easier to read in this era of short attention spans. But before I go...GO OBAMA! Now I've said my peace.


jeremy crews said...
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jeremy crews said...

Hey Dan, I like the random tidbits approach. It reads how your brain works and feels like most conversations I've ever had with you.